Blue Monster

Thread Sealant Products

Mill-Rose is the world’s leading supplier of PTFE thread sealants. We’re the exclusive supplier of Blue Monster® thread sealants offered in a range of sizes and formulas, including PTFE thread sealing tape and thread sealing compounds.

Specialty Chemicals

Mill-Rose specialty chemicals solve a multitude of plumbing and HVAC problems including leak detection, heat shielding, drain cleaning and sealing PVC pipe and tubing.

Tools, Abrasives, and Specialties

Blue Monster abrasives are tough, outlasting all others in the most demanding conditions, wet or dry. Mill-Rose also offers a broad range of professional-grade specialty tools that simplify contractor tasks.

Anti-Seize Lubricants

The Mill-Rose Company is the world’s leading supplier of anti-seize lubricants formulated for specific applications.