Couplings are a vital component in plumbing systems, allowing for the connection of two pipes in a secure and watertight manner. This category includes a wide range of couplings in various sizes and styles to meet the needs of different plumbing projects.

Whether you need a slip x slip coupling for a straightforward connection or an Fpt x Fpt coupling for a threaded application, you can find the right product in this category. From small 1/4" couplings to larger 2" couplings, there is a size to fit every pipe diameter.

The couplings in this category are made from durable materials such as PVC, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion. Special reinforced options are also available for extra strength in demanding applications.

These couplings feature a slip or threaded connection on each end, allowing for easy installation without the need for complex tools or techniques. Simply slide or screw the coupling onto the pipes and tighten for a secure fit.

Whether you are repairing a broken pipe, extending a plumbing system, or constructing a new installation, couplings are an essential part of any project. With a wide selection of sizes and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect coupling for your specific needs in this comprehensive category. Trust in these high-quality products for reliable and leak-free pipe connections in any plumbing application.