Socket x Socket

The Socket x Socket category includes a wide range of slip x slip unions that are essential for various plumbing and piping applications. These products provide a secure and leak-proof connection between two pipes or fittings with a slip-end design, making installation quick and easy.

Constructed with high-quality materials, such as durable PVC or CPVC, the slip x slip unions in this category are designed to withstand high pressure and temperature conditions. The O-ring type ensures a tight seal, preventing any potential leaks or water damage.

Available in different sizes ranging from 1/2" to 3", the Socket x Socket unions are versatile and can be used in a variety of plumbing projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Whether you are repairing a broken pipe or installing a new plumbing system, these slip x slip unions provide a reliable solution for connecting pipes securely.

Ideal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, the Socket x Socket category offers a selection of high-quality slip x slip unions that meet industry standards for performance and durability. With easy installation and secure connections, these products are a valuable addition to any plumbing toolkit.

Overall, the Socket x Socket category provides a range of slip x slip unions that are essential for creating strong and reliable connections in plumbing and piping systems. Whether you are working on a small repair or a major installation project, these products offer the quality and performance you need to get the job done right.