The Standard category encompasses a range of essential plumbing fittings and fixtures designed to support the efficient flow of water and waste in commercial and residential settings. These products are meticulously engineered to meet industry standards and deliver reliable performance for years to come.

Within this category, you will find a variety of slip wyes in different sizes, including the 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch options. Each slip wye features a smooth slip design that allows for easy installation and removal, making them ideal for both professional plumbers and DIY enthusiasts. These fittings are constructed from durable materials to resist corrosion, leaks, and other common plumbing issues, ensuring long-lasting functionality.

Whether you are working on a new construction project or need to replace a worn-out fitting, the Standard category has everything you need to complete your plumbing system. From connecting pipes at different angles to diverting water flow in tight spaces, these slip wyes offer versatility and reliability in every application.

When you choose products from the Standard category, you can trust that you are investing in quality components that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your plumbing system. With their simple yet effective design, these fittings provide a secure connection that minimizes the risk of leaks and other potential problems. Upgrade your plumbing setup with the dependable fittings from the Standard category today.