The Standard category offers a wide range of tees designed for various plumbing applications. From 1/4" to 4" sizes, there is a tee available for every project requirement.

These tees come in slip x slip, slip x Fpt, and Fpt x Fpt configurations to provide versatility in installation options. The Slip x Slip tees are perfect for easy, solvent weld connections without the need for additional tools or fittings. The Fpt x Fpt tees feature female pipe thread connections for a secure and leak-free joint.

Constructed from high-quality materials, these tees are durable and resistant to corrosion for long-lasting performance. Whether you are working on a residential or commercial plumbing project, the Standard tees provide reliability and efficiency.

The range of sizes available in this category ensures that you can find the right tee for your specific needs, whether you are working on a small repair or a large installation. These tees are a standard choice for plumbers and contractors who prioritize quality and functionality in their projects.

Ensure a seamless and professional plumbing installation with the Standard tees from this category. Trustworthy, dependable, and efficient, these tees are the go-to choice for all your plumbing tee needs.